Content to marketing!

Who am I?

I’m a marketing M.Sc.(Econ) and a mom from Espoo. My core competencies lie in brand marketing and marketing communications. Due to my experience in customer service and specializing in the psychology of consumer behaviour in my master’s studies, I'm also skillful in understanding the customers’ side of things. My goal is to develop the operations and by doing this, better serve the customers’ needs and to develop my skills along the way.

What can I do?

I have experience in both b2b and b2c channels. I know how to coordinate, see the essential, execute and develop. I have a lot of experience in planning and executing different marketing campaigns and materials. Due to my ability to think from the customer’s point of view, I can reach the right target groups efficiently via different marketing communications channels.

I have trained internal and external interest groups and provided marketing support. The received feedback has been positive, and I think the reason lies, here as well, in my customer based approach.

How can I help you?

Stratetegic insight

My experience from different industries and tasks has taught me to see the bigger picture. I can see the goals behind individual tasks and understand that every task is a part of a whole.

A doer with a positive hands-on attitude

I have received thanks for my effectiveness, accurateness, positive attitude and effect to the working environment. Many of these qualities are a part of me, but I have also learned and studied along the way.

Organisational skills

Coordination, coordination, coordination – has always been a part of my work. And I’m glad it has! I am accustomed to working with different, often overlapping projects and tasks during the workday and such a varying job suites me. I am enthusiastic, and learning new things motivates me to do my best. I have also received thanks for seeing things through.

International communication skills

I have often worked in international working cultures and am accustomed to varying procedures. I get along with all kinds of people, fluently in English, Swedish and Finnish. Business and customer communications have been a part of my job, and I have also studied business communications as a part of my master's degree.

When I was responsible for the customer communications of a translation agency, I learned a lot about rutine communication tasks, but more significantly also about the importance of handling customer feedback, both positive and negative. I have also had responsibility of internal communication, customer letters and email marketing, and learned, partly even the hard way, what works and what doesn't.

A great colleague with positive energy

I believe that you gain better results if you love your job. I have a sunny personality and a skill to spread enthusiasm. I also believe that it's nicer to come to work every day, if the atmosphere is positive and there's a sense of humor in the air. It does not mean that work does not get done, on the contrary, it gets done better, faster and in a nicer atmosphere! If you don't believe me, try it yourself or better yet, hire me, and I'll show you!

A dream job?

My ideal company is an open and positive, forward looking organization, where development is encouraged. I have ideas and persistence to take them forward. I would like to develop my skills and learn more along the way.

Contact me, and let's find out, what great things we can accomplish together!